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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

Dream A Little Dream

Danielle^ plays the ukulele.

Also nice:

When a Phillips is not a Phillips — Screw heads demystified.

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is a long awaited collaboration between David Byrne and Brian Eno.

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Bert and Ernie cover M.O.P.’s Ante Up.

via [arsoti] : via [mappeal]
Does Winnipeg REALLY Exist? From the people behind the new IncrediblyCool.ca.

Beauty in Symmetry - Manitoba Legislative Building (1939)

Note the outline showing the former parliament building and the diagonal entry paths foreseeing future desire lines.

From the amazing Manitoba Historical Maps Flickr Stream.

Classic. ZeFrank on ideas. [via]

Hearrings [via]