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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

I ♥ apod.

(orion nebula, btw)

Our Betta fish has a Labyrinth organ, meaning it can breath air from the surface of the water.

When they gulp air from the surface it gets forced into the labyrinth organ. In the labyrinth there are lots of small maze-like compartments of thin boney plates called lamellae.

The lamellae are covered with membranes. Blood passes through the membranes and the oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream.

If a labyrinth fish ends up out of the water it can stay alive for a long time if it stays moist. In fact they can even crawl across land to a different body of water if they have to.” -source

Jack Kerouac (March 12, 1922 – October 21, 1969)

More: An interview with Kerouac in French on CBC two years before his death.

Forager bees loaded with pollen line up to enter their hive. Found after reading The Life of the Queen Bee.

Crate Digging - Don’t Do It! (An Explanation…)

Flash-Based Music Creation Studio AudioTool - Slick!

Fooooooos: Shannon won us a Foosball table at last night’s social.

Snowflake on $5 from this Macro Currency Flickr set.

On Saturday Google and I shared birthdays. Today is NASA’s 50th.

The above photo was taken 8 years before the inception of NASA. It shows the first rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida in July 1950.

If you search via the Google link I’ve provided you’ll be time-warped back 10 years.