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The eye of the bee holder.

Pennies. Seriously. And Truth. [via]

Request for Feedback: WinnipegElection.ca

Hi folks,

On October 27 of this year the citizens of Winnipeg go to the polls to elect their Mayor, their City Councillors and their School Trustees.

Making an informed vote requires that you know the candidates, their platforms and the issues they discuss.

This is why we’ve created WinnipegElection.ca, a citizen driven website for the upcoming Winnipeg general election.

Our public launch is later this month, but we’d love you to take a sneak peak.

We’ll use your feedback to determine how to proceed with the site.

Currently you’ll find:

Lightning Over Athens. [via]

42 “stacked shots” taken during a lighting storm. I looked up the term “stacked shots”. It’s like it sounds, a process of superimposing multiple images.

“Stacking was developed for astronomy. The purpose then was to reduce digital noise. When using film, astronomers would sometimes expose for hours at a time (occasionally, exposing the same piece of film several nights in a row, making the exposure equivalent to several days).

Trying to do the same with digital would result in 100% noise, 0% image.

By stacking many images of shorter duration, [digital photographers] can get the equivalent of a very long exposure, each of which has the noise of a shorter exposure. The signals combine in a complementary fashion, while the noise combines in ways that mostly cancels itself out. There are more advanced statistical techniques uszed that can reduce random sensor noise to virtually zero.” —AustinMN @ Panoramio

Denis Prieur’s Rural Graffiti near Rock Lake, Manitoba.

Video from SuperMe a multi-player resilience and happiness game from Channel 4’s education department.

It’s interesting to see these types of “life-hacking” games trend upwards. Related: EpicWin, RibbonHero, Future of Games, Jane McGonigal.