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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

In Plain View - Allan Geske, Printmaker

My dad.

Allan Geske has been a printmaker since the mid-1970s and he employs various techniques in his art such as etching, engraving, relief and mixed media.

His prints are represented in collections throughout the USA, Japan, Korea, Britain & the Netherlands. Allan is best known for his copperplate engravings, intricate, complex & provocative images that at times evoke the landscape, but also stand as breathtaking abstractions. His etched work often incorporates prairie images paired with replications of charts, maps and iconic symbols.

Allan Geske’s studio will be open to the public next weekend, November 4th, 5th and 6th. All are welcome in room 523 of the Artspace Bldg, 100 Arthur St.

Friday: 5pm-9pm Sat/Sun: noon-5pm

I share space in the studio. Some of my work (prints, collage, photos) will also be shown.

Hackety Hack! got a beautiful redesign last week. It’s an application that you can download that uses Shoes to teach you how to program in Ruby. It’s designed to start from scratch and guide you through writing programs— this is the tool for people who have never written a line of code in their lives; who may not even know that a ‘line of code’ is a thing that makes up a computer program.” — Casey Kolderup

Quasicrystals as sums of waves in the plane

Cosine Gradient. Rotated and Merged. Moving Forward. Quasicrystal.

Sending Zzzzzs Across the Pond - A wally glutton sleepytime mix I made in early 2008.

Does this image look random to you? It’s the product of the PHP (for Windows) random number generator.

Pseudo-Random vs. True Random

Is there really such a thing as True Randomness, or are there simply patterns that humans cannot discern that we conveniently call Random?

Whale Fall (after life of a whale)