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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

A search for meaning within a game within a game. This 20 minute film by David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman gets meta faster than you can say eXistenZ. ;)

Industrial Precision - How Ball Bearings Are Made


Pomplamoose VideoSongs have two rules:

  1. What you see is what you hear, and
  2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

Some nice songs:


Mobile Development

This weekend I’ll be exploring:

  • PhoneGap - Cross-platform mobile app-dev using html / css / javascript.
  • JQTouch - A mobile plugin for my fav Javascript framework, JQuery.
  • iProcessing - The API from processing.js extended for mobile use.
  • MobiOne - Windows mobile emulator for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Pre.

Step one: Install Eclipse, PhoneGap and the Android SDK along with JQTouch, iProcessing and MobiOne.

Step two: Play around. Create a few sample apps.

Step Three: Tomorrow Andrew and I will deploy these apps to his Android phone.

You Know Who "Gets it"?

The Hypemachine, Groveshark and SoundCloud understand that the future will be streamed.

You can listen to (in their entirety) every album of the Hypem top 50 of 2009. The top 50 was crowd-sourced from the top 10 lists of over 500 bloggers. The albums are hosted by Groveshark.

Yes, the Hypem leaderboard gets gamed now and then, and it sometimes get clogged with meme-ooze, but the web’s messy like that.

SoundCloud is a mix-hunters paradise. I’m listening to Dj Czech’s “Bucket Of Grease” mix right now.

The future of games, a talk by Jesse Schell. [28 minutes]

Even if you’re not a gamer this is a must-watch video, especially the second half on the implications of “games that break through the reality barrier” and the attention economy. I’m not sure I welcome the “gameification” of life, but it does feel like the inevitable progression of the capitalist spectacle. “A world where points are distributed for paying attention — to ads, activities, or other people.”

Adding to the conversation: