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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

On Saturday Google and I shared birthdays. Today is NASA’s 50th.

The above photo was taken 8 years before the inception of NASA. It shows the first rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida in July 1950.

If you search via the Google link I’ve provided you’ll be time-warped back 10 years.

Music Is Math — The hi-def version is recommended.

This video was generated by mathematically analyzing the music using the processing language.

Exit the Loop, but When?

There is a problem-solving strategy in computer science called recursion. It amounts to programming sets of instructions that are defined in terms of themselves (self-referential, meta).

Douglas Hofstadter’s academic pursuits centre on the connection between recursion and consciousness. Hofstadter maintains that our brains are recursive in nature, our consciousness born amongst the strange loops of our thoughts about thinking.

A recursive definition of recursion: “If you already know what recursion is, just remember the answer. Otherwise, find someone who is standing closer to Douglas Hofstadter than you are; then ask him or her what recursion is.”

Linguist Noam Chomsky has theorized that there is no limit to the expressive nature of English (and other similarly structured languages) due to the recursive device of embedding sentences in sentences.

This is the man all tattered and torn,
That kissed the maiden all forlorn,
That milked the cow with the crumpled horn,
That tossed the dog,
That worried the cat,
That killed the rat,
That ate the malt
That lay in the house that Jack built.

This post was inspired by a blog on beauty in computer science. My favourite recursively defined fractal is the Sierpiński triangle. I enjoy writing recursive algorithms.

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BodyWorld a webcomic. I heard the author/artist interviewed on umfm earlier today.

Who Owns Ideas - Bill C61

The copyright amendment bill (C-61) tabled a few months ago “died on the table” when the 39th Canadian Parliament was dissolved prematurely for the upcoming election. Sadly, I’m sure it will be back in one form or another (especially if the Conservatives win a majority).

In the mean while, I’d encourage you to listen to the CBC Ideas episode entitled Who Owns Ideas. [podcast here]

The Panda vs. Reetbot show on Friday was an inspiration. We picked up some new pieces for our walls. Photos from the show can be found in this flickr stream. Oh, and aggie panda tumbles too.

Pill Popping Pacman