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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

Indiana Jones in Pixels.

One row per film. Good guys on the left. Baddies on the right. Key artifact in the middle.

What if we could touch our music again?

c60 Redux

Also: SoundCards, music trading-cards that link you to music in the cloud.

  • Many people have a physical connection with their music. These people like to organize, display and interact with their music via the containers (album covers, cd cases).
  • Music is a highly social medium. People enjoy sharing music with others. People learn about new music from others in their social circle.
  • The location where music is stored will likely switch from devices managed by the listener to devices managed by a music service. In the future, a music purchaser will purchase the right to listen to a particular song, while the actual music data will remain managed by the music service.

Finally: Daito Manabe and Motoi Ishibash built a lighting sequencer that uses RFID-enabled cards to control lighting and sounds.

Somewhere in Griffin, Georgia.

Winnipeg city planners take notice. We need signs like this.

There’s a similar sign in Sealy, Texas.


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Mr. Dressup.

‎”Maybe it’s time we get out of the broadcasting business…”
Dean Del Mastro, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Them there are fight’n words. Sign the petition, or better yet, send a hand-written letter of support for the CBC to our Heritage Minister:

The Honourable James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage
and Official Languages
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6

Extracts of local distance.

Countless fragments of existing architectural photography are merged into multilayered shapes. The original pictures are analysed and categorised according to their vanishing-points and shapes. The resulting collages introduce a third abstract point of view next to the original ones of architect and photographer.

The process.

@redlibrarian: “From the Wiki page on Jan Tschichold, a book designer who looked specifically at page ratios.”

Cross Post!

One Hundred and Eight’ is an interactive, wall-mounted installation by Berlin-based media artist Nils Völker.

Via dad via the pop-up city.

In November 2003 I recorded myself playing John Lennon’s Imagine and mcenroe’s Billy’s Visionat the same time!