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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

Strangers in Transit montréal, québec. STM 165, direction nord.


Manitoba Election dot Ca

On October 4th of this year the people of Manitoba go to the polls to elect their next Legislative Assembly and Premier.

Making an informed choice for your vote requires that you know the candidates, their platforms and the issues they discuss.

This is why we built ManitobaElection.ca, a citizen created website for the upcoming Manitoba provincial election.

Currently you can view all the constituencies, candidate nominees and the incumbents. We have plenty more in the works including interactive maps, historical election results, candidate news feeds, an events calendar, candidate questionnaires, and educational resources.

Your feedback is much appreciated. Send your comments and suggestions to [email protected] or @MbElection on Twitter.

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ManitobaElection.ca was created in the spirit of openness, community, accountability and communication. In 2010 we created a similar website for the Winnipeg election which helped over 40,000 Winnipeggers research their mayoral, city council and school trustee candidates. After the election we released an open data collection including the website source, ward map polygons, and historical election results.

Disassembled Radio. Found on Reddit.

How To Work Better (1991) Peter Fischli und David Weiss


10,000 Year Clock

There is a Clock ringing deep inside a mountain. It is a huge Clock, hundreds of feet tall, designed to tick for 10,000 years. Every once in a while the bells of this buried Clock play a melody.

Each time the chimes ring, it’s a melody the Clock has never played before.

More @ The Long Now.

Don’t Play Games With Me! Promises and Pitfalls of Gameful Design

“Can life be a game? Should it? And if so, who is playing whom?”

Launch in fullscreen. As you navigate, read the fine print below the slides.

Wonder Wheel

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Scale and Perspective

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Thirty minutes from Portage and Main using public transit.

My haul for the day, including all but one of Asimov’s Robot Series.