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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

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Human Powered Quad-blade Helicopter

There will be a test flight tomorrow, an attempt to win the Sikorsky Prize.

Early Winnipeg Rap Videos - Part 2

Frek Sho - Patience 1996 - Video no longer available, just music.

Early Winnipeg Rap Videos - Part 1

Main Street by J Style 1988

via: Co-Op’s Facebook Feed

Etching for Artists and Hackers: Printmaking & Circuit Boards

I recommend clicking on the menu button to view as a full screen presentation.

These slides — from my talk at the 5th Skullspace Hack-a-thon — explore the history of etching, intaglio printmaking, and the etching of circuit-boards. Etching is the process of using corrosive chemicals to cut into the unprotected parts of an object’s surface.