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Email to Friends From This Morning

I’m here today to spread the gospel of the Mellotron.

Le Mellotron is people and music. A blog that became a webradio gathering and then a community of music curators and lovers. Located in a bar near Place de la Republique square in Paris, Le Mellotron beats day after day to the rhythm of the city, its people and streets. We believe in an emerging parisian musical scene, moved by its curiosity, and strengthened by its ability to capture and transform its influences. LeMellotron will be its amplifier.

I recommend binge-listening their “by year” playlists. The vibe is chill, funky, and full of soul.

The video stream gives you a glimpse of the friendships of a Parisian neighbourhood. For the full experience, it’s important to keep the video within sight while listening. :)

Love ya! Kyle