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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

Reading and Listening in 2012

I read eighteen books this year, two more than in 2011. This was a comfortable number of reads. For the most part I bought the books second hand or they were given to me. Two of the books were read on my Kobo, the rest were deadtree.

Books Read in 2012.

Shown in bold: where I bought the book, or who I got it from.

No duds again this year. I am especially thankful to Arthur C. Clarke for introducing me to Pentominos.

Currently reading:

Audio Lectures

In 2012 I listened to 23 hours of lectures across two courses. Most of these lectures were heard while running or walking with Acelyn in her stroller in various parks around Amsterdam.

I cannot recommend these enough, both for the content and the delivery by Sandel and Kagan. Both courses are available for free in audio or video format.