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BabyLolly Featured In Winnipeg Free Press

I’m very excited to announce the launch of our new website, BabyLolly.com. For the past year I’ve been working along with my friend Andrew Burton, my sister Colleen Geske, and her husband Moses Faleafaga, on this online babybook and social network for families.

Today we were featured in the business section Winnipeg Free Press.

BabyLolly.com is an online babybook for parents to capture & share their baby’s precious moments with family and friends.

  • Photo/Video Gallery: no more cumbersome emailing of baby photos. Store and organize all your photos and videos and share them with family and friends.
  • Baby Journal: keep an online journal of your baby’s experiences and developments.
  • Baby Milestones, Firsts & Favourites: never forget an important milestone again! Capture and share all your baby’s important firsts & favourites.
  • Connect & Collaborate: give family and friends the opportunity to fully contribute to the babybook by leaving notes, uploading photos & videos, and sharing in each and every precious moment.
  • It’s a private site (so only people you invite will see your babypage) and best of all: it’s 100% free!

We’d love for you to sign up if you have a young family. You can also view a demo account for a fictional family.

If you have friends with babies share the link with them and let them share the joy of their baby! We would really appreciate your support!

I look forward to hearing your feedback on BabyLolly.