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Stung Eye

The eye of the bee holder.

You Are Beyond the Edge of Forever

  (sleeping) Enter command: inventory
        You are carrying: a theorem. an axiom. 
                          a postulate. a hypothesis. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine postulate.
        It's a basic fact. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: think
        You thought of an idea 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine idea
        The idea is very vague and not fully developed. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: develop idea
        The idea developed into a contradiction. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine contra
        It is true and false, but neither is correct, 
                   and both are right. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine supposition
        It's an almost proven fact. It is not proven. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: Prove supp
    With what? postulate
        Somehow a contradiction keeps coming into the proof. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: drop contra
  (sleeping) Enter command: prove supp
    With what? postulate
        The postulate is now a lemma. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine lemma
        It's a rather specialised fact. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine hypothesis
        It's a complicated statement. It is not proven. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: prove hypo
    With what? lemma
        The hypothesis is now a theorem.
        Suddenly, a hyper-spatial cliff passes by 
        and the lemma leaps to its demise. 
  (sleeping) Enter command: examine theorem
        It begins: 

The metaphysical existentialism of reality…”

via: trivium

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