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Canadian Tories Continue to Cut Federal Arts Funding

Contributions cut this week by the conservative government:

Federal programs canceled this week by the conservative government:

  • The ProMart program, an artists’ travel support fund. ($4.7 million)
  • The Trade Routes program that supports film and music exports. ($9 million)
  • The Stabilization Project and Capacity Building program, which provides financial and administrative support to art groups.


Tories cut funding for artists touring abroad. — CBC:

Ideology played a role in decision, spokesperson acknowledges.

Want a ‘culture of innovation’? Fund our artists. — Globe and Mail:

First we have Bill C-10, the bid to deny tax credits to what the Heritage Minister calls “indecent material.” Meanwhile, other art forms have been told they are insufficiently “mainstream” and their funding has been cut through the cancellation of Trade Routes and PromArt.

‘Left-wing’ writer denies applying for travel grant — Globe and Mail:

The cuts to arts programs hit on a favourite theme of the Tories - cutting spending that appears wasteful and elitist - to gain political advantage in some target markets.