Programming Experiments from the Year 2004

Programming is the craft of human/computer communication.

Click on the thumbnails to launch sketches in a separate window.

Beauty In Logic

These processing sketches deal with the aesthetic of mathematics. An exploration of the beauty found in trigonometry, symmetry and complexity.

Source code is provided with all applets.

To view these sketches you will need to install Java Software For The Dekstop and Javascript must be enabled.

Beauty In Trigonometry

The elegance of sinusoidal rotation, paired with processing's powerful transformation matrix. This is a simple, yet captivating sketch.

Spinners (Hi Res)
This is a high-resolution version of the first applet. Does the added complexity increase the perceived beauty?

Twist and Fall
Rotation based on Sine and Cosine can be used to simulate frictionless gravity and tension/twisting.

Click the applet to begin. Press any key to flip rotation modes.

Beauty In Symmetry

Invader Triptych
Symmetry is a powerful aesthetic tool. Three space-invader icons are generated at random. This Triptych can be used as a personal horoscope. Your future lies in your interpretation of these icons.

Click the applet to freeze the images for interpretation. Click again to restart.

Invaders In A Strange Land
This sketch is a combination of the previous one and the trig based sketches. Symmetry is used to generate recognition, while trigonometry adds aesthetic complexity.

Click the applet to begin. Press any key to flip rotation modes.

Beauty In Complexity

The Seekers
The Seekers are the result of my fascination with collective intelligence in the animal/insect world. Experiment by changing the various parameters on the right side of the applet. Certain parameter combinations will cause swarms/flocks to form.

Detailed information on this applet can be found here.

Image Evolution
A genetic algorithm is harnessed to "evolve" an image. Given enough time, this algorithm will produce an image similar to the provided sample image.

Detailed information on this applet can be found here.

Image Evolution (Hi Res)
The same genetic algorithm is used to produce a more complex image. This applet may take a few hours before a reasonable image is "evolved".

Detailed information on this applet can be found here.

Mandelbrot Viewer
Mandelbrot, the classic example of visual chaos. This applets allows you to explore the complexity and self-similarity of this fractal.

Click to zoom. Hold any key and click to zoom out.

The Math behind Mandelbrot: here

Mandelbrot Viewer (Debug Mode)
Calculating Mandelbrot can be time consuming. This debugging version of the applet visually demonstrates the recursive box-filling optimization I used to speed up the rendering.

Logic in Beauty

Experiments in Flash MX. All sketches, other than the video game, were created in 3 hours or less.

To view these experiments, you must install the Macromedia Flash Plug-in; a javascript enabled browser is also required.

Bees, a sidescrolling video game written in ActionScript.

Download the Source code (fla).

In The Woods
In The Woods, a flash photo enhancement.

Snake Through A Grate
Snake Through A Grate, a flash photo enhancement.

The Tunnel, a flash photo enhancement.

Sideways Mandelbrot with Pixel Scaling and Shading.

Pre-rendered image

Sideways Mandelbrot with Random Pixel Scaling.

Pre-rendered image

Sideways Mandelbrot with Colour Circular Pixel Scaling. Sped up the rendering by exploiting symmetry.

Pre-rendered image

360 Degrees In A Shrunken Forest, a flash photo enhancement.

A pre-loading mp3 player featuring Imagine Billy's Vision, my mcenroe vs. Lennon Mashup.

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