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Everything we call “the past” is, literally, nothing but present memories. Likewise, everything we call “the future” is nothing but present memories inverted, or rearranged, to form a prediction or expectation. The appearance of “time” is little more than a trick of memory, […] You can easily discern this for yourself: simply figure out what it is you consider “the past” and “the future.” You will discover that it is nothing but thoughts […]

There’s really no such thing as time. There is really only Now, an eternally present Present with no beginning and no ending. Everything is completely new, distinct, and original every instant, with no real “change” or “motion” at all. The mystic-philosopher Heraclitus, explaining this point, said, “A man cannot step in the same river twice.”

From Buddhism and the Illusion of Time

Listen to a ukulele and think about time:


Why I Published Those Cartoons By Flemming Rose (Editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten)


Update (21/02/06):

A few more Ukulele videos for my Uncle Bruce:

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