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The crowd at the full moon party consumed many buckets: mickeys of whiskey, served with a can of coke and a bottle of red bull, in a child-size SandCastleBucket. The following day, we travelled by long-tail boat up the coast to explore a more secluded part of the island.

We have since hopped islands to Koh Samui. Our beach-side hut resides in a town with one main street; taxis file back & forth, honking at potential fares. We soon grew tired of this game. HONK!

Today we rented a motorbike and drove to a waterfall, where we met elephants and played with monkeys. (No monkey paw for you Moser.) We had one motorbike incident; it began with a parking-lot: deep sand and first gear do not mix. Yes Mum, we wore helmets, and no, we were not hurt. Shaken, not stirred.

Eventually, we need to reach Laos.

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