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A summary of Shannon’s first day in Bangkok:

We arrived in Bangkok safe and sound. The flight was over 10 hours long. Wow, that was the longest flight I’ve every been on. The time is now almost 9pm and the weather is very hot and humid. We are lucky because we are staying at a lovely hotel that is air cond. We will be staying here for 4 nights and then heading to the islands for some beach time. We are also planning on attending a Full moon party which will take place in 2 weeks.

There are many different types of smells in Bangkok, smells of Lemon grass, seafood, sewers, and tasty food cooking. Everything is quite different from Europe. You are allowed to set up a little kitchen on the street and sell homemade noodles and all sorts of tasty treats. There are also more cars, motorbikes, Tuk Tuks and people trying to get you to buy many different items.

We adventured over to the main shopping area and I was amazed by how everything is so cheap. I am definitely going to do some Christmas shopping here. :) We bought a Cd for 2 Euros and some food for 50 cents.

I feel a bit like a movie star as I get many looks because of my blond hair. ;) A cute old ice-cream vendor even took pictures of me on his cell-phone and sent them to his pals. ha! He then gave me a strange icecream bar that was full of bean sprouts.

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