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My mom read Life of Pi again.

Netdigging for Yann Martel's boy and tiger on a boat tale:

I am not a very good book reviewer[, ...] these days I approach a new novel with the cynical gaze of an old card shark[. ...] I simply squint my eyes and ask, [...] "So - do you know any tricks I haven't learned yet?" — Nicholas Carvan reviews Life of Pi as a weathered writer wanting wonder. [his blog]

[...] Moacyr Scliar wrote "Max and the Cats" about a Jewish youth who survives a shipwreck and shares his life boat with a panther. [Yann Martel's] novel, "Life of Pi," [is] about an Indian youth who survives a shipwreck and shares his lifeboat with a tiger. — When is Something Plagiarism?


Mom also requested some non-commercial literary site:

Bookslut - Reviews and literary editorials. [They blog too.]

The Complete Review - 1408 book reviews and counting.

Galleycat - Nathalie Chicha's blog about books and publishing. [Pre-Galleycat, Nathalie's blog was very active.]

Moorishgirl - Laila Lalami's blog features literary news, commentary, book reviews and author interviews.


We've gathered together thirty of the best spoken word samples from some of the greatest books of all time and the finest actors around. Now they're yours to play with. — Remix Penguin


Update vrijdag 20 mei 22:08 - a Galleycat challenge:

We've listened to five mixes now, and so far we haven't heard one that makes a point of mixing texts, instead of mixing text & music. We want a text duet, a word collage, a mix that doesn't utilize recorded readings as lazily as drum loops. Readers, we know you can do it.

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