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I am now gainfully employed. I was hired by InFocus Europe as a technical support agent, and began working last Wednesday. The inFocus offices are located in the Amsterdam World Trade Centre, a ten minute walk from home. InFocus is a multi-lingual company. At one point today I heard Dutch, English, French, German, Norwegian, and Italian simultaneously. An interesting sonic treat.

The computer repair business is going well. The most successful means of advertisment has been the classified ad in the Amsterdam Weekly. Most of the work involves removing viruses and spyware, but I also helped spruce up the Natucin website. Their original page was done in Flash, and was therefore 'invisible' to most search engines.

Shannon had an interview yesterday at the five-star hotel Krasnapolsky. I have also submitted her CV to inFocus for a customer service position.

We live in the Oud-Zuid (Old South), a suburban neighborhood near the Amsterdam Olympic stadium. Within walking distance there is a grocery store, a fruit and veggie market, a butcher, a baker (I have yet to find the candlestick maker), a video rental shop, three of four pubs, along with a handful of cafes and coffeeshops. On Saturday night we discovered Vakzuid, a club one block away from our apartment. What more could we ask for?

We have been planning our trip to the Oxygene festival in Dublin. I just bought our plane tickets over the Net. The festival takes place on the 9th and 10th of July. We will be leaving on the 7th and returning to Amsterdam on the 12th. The U2 concert is on the 13th, so it'll be a busy music week.

Speaking of music, we are going to see the Chemical Brothers next Thursday, and I just found out that both Jack Johnson and Sage Francis are coming to A'dam.

My parents, my sister, and her boyfriend Moses spent the weekend in Germany. Moses has just opened a flavoured popcorn business in Frankfurt. It appears to be a success. It's always inspiring to see a great idea make the journey from mind to reality.

This was a fairly fractured entry. Forgive me, my neck hurts.

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