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The night before last, we ran through a hail storm, as lightning brought thunder. We had been celebrating: Shannon has a job interview tomorrow with Boom Chicago, an English language comedy dinner-theatre. She had been worried that her lack of Dutch would be a major employment obstacle.

During our celebrations we met an interior designer from Kenya. He analyzed our handwriting, and mystified us with his insights into our personalities, and our relationship. Then he mentioned that he had blood ties to Dracula. Blood ties, eh? Exit stage left.

My job search continues. I've submitted my C.V. to the various English language temp/employment agencies, as well as directly to a few programming firms. I've also started a computer repair/troubleshooting business, but have yet to see my first customer.

This past weekend, we had a night on the town with the parental units, sister, and her boyfriend. Our evening began with a boat ride on the canals, followed by Chinese food on the edge of the Red Light district. Later we watched a movie in an amazing Art-Deco theatre. (In how many movie theatres have you had the urge to photograph your surroundings?). Some beers rounded off the night.

Of note: My cousin Jane has started her own blog. She writes well. Explore.

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