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Portugal is beautiful. The hostel in Portimao was a bit of a bust; It was on the edge of town, and nearly no one else was staying there. Combined with the occasional rain storm, this lead plenty of reading and walking.

It's been a while, since I've been able to tear through books at this rate. I'm glad most hostel facilitate used book trading; It's a great way to discover titles one might never have run across, at book stores or at the library.

Shannon is on antibiotics now. Her cough decided that it would stick around for two weeks, so we went to the Portimao walk-in clinic. From there, we went to the local Hospital for an X-Ray. We thought the X-Ray was a bit of overkill, but I guess over-cautious is better than under-cautious. The final prognosis was that of a chest infection.

Navigating the Portuguese medial system was a little tricky, considering the language barrier, but we managed.

The internet cafe we're sitting in right now, is in Lagos, Portugal. Good times.

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