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Tomorrow, we leave Valencia for Granada. I believe it's a six hour bus trip. Luckily, we have music, and 2 kilograms of Mandarin oranges. I am looking forward to visiting the Alhambra, a former Moorish fortress [google images].

Our stay in Valencia has been relaxing. Known as the orchard of Spain, due to it's fertile soils, Valencian farms are still watered via an irrigation system devised by the Moors, many moons ago. The fruit and vegetables here are tasty and succulent, yet cheap. A bottle of local wine cost 75 Euro cents.

In the mornings, we have been running in a picturesque park, which spans the entire city. After extensive flooding, the river that ran through town was diverted. The river-bed was converted into snaking green-space, soccer fields, fountains and trails.

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