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Our overseas adventures begin in September. As I will be working while abroad, I wish to compile a collection of essential Windows tools to bring along on CD. (I'm hoping that the majority of these tools will be freeware.) Along with this CD, I will bring The Ultimate Boot CD, (as well as this Windows-based boot CD.)

What freeware/shareware applications do you consider essential? Submit your list as a comment.

Please forward the permalink for this post to your friends, so that they can contribute as well.

Here is the preliminary tools list:

  • Text / Document Editors
  • Compilers / Interpreters

    • Processing - Java-based sketching language. [beta freeware]

    • NewLISP - LISP-based scripting language. [freeware]

  • Compression Tools

    • 7 - Zip - WinZip/WinRar replacement. [freeware]

    • ZipGenius - WinZip/WinRar replacement. [freeware]

  • Virus / Spyware Tools
  • Productivity Tools

    • ATnotes - Sticky notes. [freeware]

    • Treesize - Hard drive mapper. [freeware]

  • Music Tools

    • Winamp - Digital audio player. [freeware]

    • dBpowerAmp - Digital audio conversion. [freeware]

  • Design Tools

    • PDF995 - PDF distiller. [freeware]

    • Color Set - Colour scheme selector. [freeware]

    • XnView - Image file format conversion. [freeware]

    • Screen Calipers - On-screen measurement tool. [freeware]

  • Net Tools



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