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The Internet is our archive. We are the archivists. Das Glasperlenspiel.


"At times, it helps to think of writing as carpentry. That way, writers and editors can work from a plan and use tools stored on their workbench. You can borrow a writing tool at any time. And here's a secret: Unlike hammers, chisels, and rakes, writing tools never have to be returned. They can be cleaned, sharpened, and passed on."

Fifty Writing Tools - The workbench of Roy Peter Clark.



Color in Motion
- An Animated and Interactive Experience of Color Communication and Color Symbolism.

Word Color - "A windows program that uses Google Image Search to determine the color of a word or string of words. It goes out there, retrieves the top 9 images and loops through all pixels, calculating the average hue, which is later converted to a color."

ColorCell - "An experimental website about colors. Colorcell wants to find the most popular color combinations;" genetic algorithms meet design.


Digital Snapshot - "What does a moment look like? Can snapshots freeze a moment in time? ... [M]otion fragments were captured and rearranged in a new visual context via unconventional digital manipulations." This project explores the nature of time, context and motion.


German style board games, like the Settlers of Catan, can be played online at the BrettspielWelt portal.


Travel sketchbooks.



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