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My hard-drive is dying. When I try to access certain files it goes: Clickclickclickclickclickclicklclick. Next, the computer freezes and I have to run scandisk to repair the bad sectors. MS Outlook went first. Messenger was second. Now explorer.exe is randomly clicking and crashing!

Luckily, the HD is under warranty. But what a pain in the arse: Remove HD -> Mail to IBM -> Wait -> Receive new HD -> Full Reinstall. Arg.


Based on the feedback from my last post, I have tweaked my new blog template. Again, feedback is welcome.


MadInkBeard is a blog dedicated to the idea of formal constraints in writing. (Via Languagehat. Related: Translation and the Oulipo - The Case of the Persevering Maltese)

The Wooster Collective has profiled the Winnipeg based graf collective, Two-sicks. I am regularly inspired by their work.

Want to read Ulysses? Why not read one page a day?

Social Design Notes on postering and preaching to the converted.

8-bit hip-hop.

Streetmemes tracks the propagation of graffiti memes.



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