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I'm addicted to information. Books have always been my favourite knowledge narcotic. My search for used books to fuel Glutton University was successful this month:

  • Language Truth and Logic - Alfred Jules Ayer - Read the condensed edition here. (Related: More Squashed Philosophers)

  • Intro To Logic - I. Copi & C. Cohen - A first year philosophy Logic textbook. (Related: How to tell a logical story [pdf])

  • The Basic Writing of C. G. Jung - It's about time I read some Jung.

  • The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind - Julian Jaynes - The introduction of which can be read here.

  • An Anthropologist on Mars - Oliver Sacks - Seven paradoxical tales of neurological disease - Excerpt here: The hug machine.

  • On Writing Well - William Zinsser - Excerpt here: Clutter.

  • The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants - P. Prusinkiewicz & A. Lindenmayer - Can mathematical L-Systems define the structure of plants? (Related: L-System java applet)

  • Images of Medicine - Edited by Jim Harter - 4800 historical medical engravings. (Related: The medical images of the Clendening library)

No more than 4 dollars was spent on each book. Avoid Amazon, support your local (used) book stores and your public library.



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