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I've caught a new thought virus; the fractal nature of consciousness [pdf] and aesthetics.

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  • Chords is a Swedish MC signed to Juju records. Here is his video for Wrap Your Chops [wmv], from the 12" of the same name. (If the wmv link fails, find the video here.)

  • Here is an idea. (Q: Where? A: Here.)

  • These Float and glide techniques will enhance my moonwalk.

  • I like to watch - I like to watch is a computer program that watches the TV show COPS; programmed to analyse and associated the closed captioning subtitles with the visual data.

  • Novel uses for digital cameras.

  • The POV-Ray Hall of Fame. (Related: The first artwork to be digitally rendered in space.)

  • Novel summaries in 25 words.

  • Travel book picks.



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