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"Good, better, best;
Never let it rest
Until the good is better
And the better best."

She had time for me.

Only she had time for me.
She only had time for me.
She had only time for me.
She had time only for me.
She had time for only me.
She had time for me only.

Never take language for granted.



Today's Special:

Soupish? - Click to pause/unpause - Press any key to add soup particles


  • Grey Tuesday - DJ Danger Mouse:

    "The Grey Album is an art project/experiment that uses the full vocal content of Jay-Z's Black Album recorded over new beats and production made using the Beatles White Album as the sole source material."

    "Jay-Z's record label, Roc-A-Fella, released an a capella version of his Black Album specifically to encourage remixes like this one. But despite praise from music fans [...] EMI has sent cease and desist letters demanding that stores destroy their copies of the album and websites remove them from their site. EMI claims copyright control of the Beatles 1968 White Album."

    Check back here next Tuesday.

  • Playing the flute and beat-boxing at the same time.

  • Pattern and Self-Reference - A look at the fractal nature of individual perspectives and the sum of those parts. I'm going to fire up the printer for this one.

  • Surrealist Writers (Related: Excerpts from the "Second Manifesto of Surrealism" [pdf] - via wood s lot)

  • textz - A free archive of radical writing.


    "[A]n international journal of theory, technology and culture. Articles, interviews, and key book reviews in contemporary discourse are published weekly as well as theorisations of major 'event-scenes' in the mediascape".

    (There is also a digital library for the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, ctheory books and multimedia.)

    Some ctheory finds: The Turntable, Motion Perception in Movies and Painting, Time And The Cinematic Image by Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky, who sits on the editorial board.)



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