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Stung Eye

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The following 'sketches' are all explorations of the Processing language. Source code is provided for all of the applets.

The first sketch is a new take on personal horoscopes: Part Rorschach inkblot, part I Ching, part space invaders.

Click applet to pause/unpause the triptych-stream. Your future can be found within your interpretation of the paused invaders:

Space Invader Triptych

Now imagine those invaders as the characters of an alien language:

Alien Eye Chart - Click for randomly generated Eye Charts.

Trigonometry visualized, the beauty of SIN and COS:

The beauty of Trig - Click to start/pause - Press any key to flip spin modes

Invaders in a Strange Land - Click to start/pause - Press any key to flip spin modes

The last two were adapted from the example source for 3d rotation. The results are rather hypnotizing:

Click to view The Spinners.

Click to view The Spinners at a higher resolution.


  • Philosophy and the Public

  • Kant's Wild Years

  • Michi Online, Journal of Japanese Cultural Arts - Perceptions of the Shadowy World

  • Under Construction: (Re)Defining Culture and Community in Cyberspace

  • Everyday Matters - "Do not fear mistakes. There are none."

  • - processing, java, postscript and c++ experiments

  • Then he decided it would be a good idea to get punched in the face on purpose.

  • Hey... those are my fingers! I guess Google Image has indexed the images from this post.



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