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Notes from the dovecote comes from a good family. Addictive micro-fiction accompanied by mysterious apocryphal photo-creations. (Siblings: Speckled Paint and Solipsistic. Dovecote: A compartmental structure, often raised on a pole, for housing domesticated pigeons.)

I can imagine the grin Escher would develop while watching this animation based on this woodcut. (Escher at the Artchive.)

Gravity Zero has started posting entries from an found journal. "Almost 30 years later, the analog curves of her pen and pencil entries find their place in the electronic hum of our disembodied choir." (via i@Squub.)

I have quite a few links to dole out today. Is it preferable to post them as a bulleted list of links, or in paragraph form? I'm drawn to description.

I've always maintained that consciousness and self-awareness need to be measured on a sliding scale. (As apposed to the popular view of haves/have-nots. Where certain organisms are simply organic machines, and others are mystically given the ability to make premeditated value assumptions.) When viewed on a sliding scale we see that it is difficult, (but not impossible), to foster conscious communication with organisms that posses less complex 'souls'*. It is very easy to discount the consciousness of less evolved organisms. However, there was a time in the distant evolutionary past when our ancestors were 'less evolved organisms'; animals in our current sense of the word. Interspecies communication is always compelling. The BBC is carrying this article on the stunning oratory skills of a captive African Grey parrot.

*The term 'soul' is used here as the root of complex organism consciousness and not necessarily as a religious construct.

Harmonia Macrocosmica, by Andreas Cellarius, is an atlas of the heavens as seen by Copernicus, Ptolemy, Brahe and Aratus in the mid 17th century. All 30 double-folio hand-painted color plates along with 200 odd pages of Latin text are available for our perusal. (Dad, check this stuff out!) [via pelp]

The Rough Guide to... is a musical adventure of quality discoveries.

Some drone and ambient music downloads served using the Freecache content distribution system provide by

Is Canada a crucible of campus radio? The two campus stations here in Winnipeg are top-notch. Listen online: CKUW - UMFM

Mike has been posting some great experiments in colour and focus.

A hauntingly bizarre missing poster found by Andrea over at This Afternoon is Drama. Classic Lynchian reality.

Imagine if we could plant flowers all over war-torn countries. Flowers who's petals would change colour when their roots came across land-mines. Now replace 'flowers' with 'genetically modified wheat' and it's a reality.

I hope that you find the new colour scheme pleasing.

Note to the surfer who found there way here via this search: There are no scary places in Winnipeg. Well, unless you count the entire -38 degree Celsius city last night.



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