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We'll start today's post by opening up the old mailbag:

  • Greg, from the Scottish funk band Nacoya sent me a note to alert me of their new website. (I saw Nacoya at the Pyramid in September of 2002. groovetasticfunksoulfusion.)

  • Nico from rapkings radio, sent me an updated link for their wonderful German hip-hop streaming radio station.

  • Over the past few days, I've started to receive a bizarre new type of spam. The emails do not appear to have any commercial content. In fact, they appear to be composed of stream-of-consciousness lists of random words. An example:

    "Subject: Re: CYKBYGI, whether pushkins poetry

    peptide pollinate paragraph forgave prophet
    topeka gimbel congeal pull ironwood detract behave
    chicagoan featherbed asset estimate greenish filmdom detonate lavish threefold functor"

    I've received 8 similar messages since Saturday. Any ideas?


    The Mars Rover Mission Blog includes a detailed time-line of the latest Mars rover landing sequence. (The images were taken from this amazing digital animation. The complexity of this mission is a true testament to the art of Engineering. For all you conspiracy theorists, NASA is *not* altering the colour of Mars.)

    The ESP game is a playful study of PSI and collective intelligence.

    Making the Mind - Why we've misunderstood the nature-nurture debate.

    Musicplasma - The music visual search engine. (wicked.)

    Quoted from boom selection: "[F]using together what seems like thousands of tracks with his inevitable talent, strictly kev has pulled what i think is one of the finest, cleverest examples of mixing i have ever heard. if bootlegs are dead, this is it's eulogy." Hop on your favourite p2p and search for: "Strictly Kev History Of The Cutup". The track-listing.

    Captain Kangaroo dies at 76. A quote: "Play is the work of children. It's very serious stuff. And if it's properly structured in a developmental program, children can blossom."



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