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The Chef and I gave ourselves 1 hours on Saturday night to create a musical sketch composed solely of loops from my personal sample library. One hour later, the composition work was done. After another hour of tweaking, we were satisfied with the results: 4 - A Collaborative Musical Sketch.

Although the Chef had no prior experience with music composition or production, his time-real feedback and added creativity were invaluable; at times it was like a musical debate!


The snake is back. Another flash photo enhancement: New Snake.


Some links gathered from the wired portion of the Noosphere:

  • Wired Opinion - Politics, Philosophy, Issues, Commentary. Currently up for debate: The capture of Saddam and the selective humanitarianism of the United States.

  • The Mixologists are turning the tables - A *must see* for all DJs. A 30 minute tutorial on mixing and turntablism. 2 DJs. 4 Turntables. (This video is but one of many DJ session available from The Red Bull Music Academy. Mmmmmm red bull.)

  • A slide-show of images from Hubble - Ignite your sense of wonder with these images of our universe.

  • Apple recently open a retail store in Japan. On opening day there was a really long line. Mind blowing.

  • If you were a computer geek in the early 90s (and before) you will remember the demo scene. Well, the scene is still thriving. Proof of this can be found in Farbrausch. Check out their 65K demos. Amazing textured mapped 3D rendered scenes (with music) generated by under 65 Kilobytes of data! (Via Dublog)

  • The universe as a hologram - A fascinating read.

  • Czech composer, Vaclav Halek, bases his music on the songs of mushrooms.

  • Free ebooks on Buddhist meditation.

  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary: describe a concept and get back a list of related words and phrases. This is like a dream come true. (via Cup of Chica)



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