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Some albums that held my attention this year (in no particular order):

From the Pitchfork top singles intro:

"[T]he effects of file-sharing on personal taste became unmistakably clear: the indie community's palettes-- and everyone else's-- have broadly diversified. Freed from the careful decision-making that comes with $12 purchases, we can now easily branch out beyond the genres we've always loved and discover the inherent worth in all of them. [...] The great thing about music right now is that listeners don't have to be "staunch" anymore. In an age when all music is free, dedicating yourself to just one specific genre or type only denies you the hedonistic musical bliss that is rightfully yours. Sure, we all still buy albums for their increased sound quality, tangibility, artwork and artist support, but let's be straight about one thing: singles are for downloading."


I mentioned Steven Johnson book Emergence in my post on complexity, emergence and collective Intelligence. I've now discovered that Steven has a blog and is coming out with a new book called Mind Wide Open.

Mr. Johnson has also written some interesting articles:

  • AI music modeled like swarming bees - A look at the Tim Blackwell's Artificial Improviser

  • Sociobiology and You - A review of The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker

  • The Anti-Video Game - Games and biofeedback


    Free music production tools:

  • Buzz Machines - "Buzz is not a Soft-Synth. Buzz is not a Tracker. Buzz is not a Sequencer. Buzz is all of these things and more."

  • Skale Tracker - A cross platform tracker based the old DOS tracker model.



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