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A new flash experiment care of my new drawing tablet: The Tunnel

The appreciation photography is quite a subjective experience. I've always liked how some photographs (and some art in general) act as a catalyst for imagination rather than as an expression of statement or esthetical feel.


I discovered a very interesting corner of the web today. I've been up to my neck in consciousness and complexity theory. Here's some of what I dug up:

  • John McCrone's introduction to consciousness and complexity. Why a theory of consciousness matters, popular myths about the mind and other insights.

  • A definition of complexity - This comes from Don Mikulecky site. A interesting look at how our universe is built on complexity and the failure of science to re-evaluate scientific dogma. Hopefully this will shed some light on Chef Quix' quest.

  • An interesting experiment on perception - Try to discover the changes made over time to the displayed images. You can right-click on the image and select new scenes, (these new scenes are found at the bottom of the drop-down list.) The majority of viewers are unable to spot the changes in the images. This is an example of Change Blindness, a phenomenon in visual perception in which very large changes occurring in full view in a visual scene are not noticed. (In order to easily see the change you can right-click on the image and select "No Gap". Only do this after you have tried all the scenes. Think of the flashes as forced blinks of your eyelids.)

  • Cognitive Questions - "The Only Cognitive Science Website Without a Picture of a Brain on it!" A collection of papers dealing with cognitive science by Teed Rockwell, complete with commentary by fellow philosophers and scientists.

  • Stephen Grossberg has managed to boil the ideas from my last post down to this one statement: "The brain as we know it can be successfully understood as an organ that is designed to achieve successful autonomous adaptation to a changing world."

  • Online papers on consciousness compiled by David Chalmers.



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