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I took the bus down to the Winnipeg Art Gallery yesterday in order to check out the Tom Thomson show.

From today's Free Press: "The English-born friend and forerunner of the Group of Seven lived, fished, painted and guided in Ontario's Algonquin Park. Both a commercial designer and painter, his significant output was created between 1912 and 1917, with important works purchased in his lifetime. His reputation grew posthumously after an early and accidental death.

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The show was really great. I was blown away by Tom's grasp of light/shadow and his (at times almost psychedelic) use of colour. However, I think the best part of the show was it's scope. It was really inspiring to be able to observe the evolution of Mr. Thomson's skill and style.

It is very tempting to believe that talented artists are innately talented. It's easy to overlook the years of dedication and hard work that go into perfecting ones craft. To quote a past posting of mine:

Sure, you probably have to be born with a certain propensity for your craft, but to say that the talent is purely innate is to show a total lack of respect for the true artist. It takes the kind of hard work and dedications that one rarely gets to witness in our present day of apathy. I'm talking total devotion to the point of near insanity.

This devotion was clearly illustrated at the Thompson show and as I said, I was quite inspired. I guess that's one of the greatest gift's of life: Inspiration is all around us. You might have to dig a little, but it's there. Use it.


I've started a fotolog. Most of the images will be familar to regular visitors of this site. I really enjoy FL and I wanted to add to it. Check out one of the images I stumbled upon today.



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