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Ok? I'd say it's about time I share some of the music that I've been digging of late.

Zen and the art of hip-hop:

  • The Goods .'. Lessons in time -(from the album: Dream Sequence)-

  • I know you've been missing good rock too:
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves .'. Teeth Collector -(from the album: The New Romance)- (OFFLINE)

  • Ok. One more. (in order to show how great this album is):
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves .'. This Is Our Emergency -(from the album: The New Romance)- (OFFLINE)

  • Quirk pop at it's finest:
  • The Decemberists .'. The Bachelor And The Bride -(from the album: Her Majesty)- (OFFLINE)

  • Mission: Find this album, (out there in the real world, not on the internet), buy it. Listen. Deal?
  • The Long Winters .'. Blue Diamonds -(from the album: When I Pretend to Fall)- (OFFLINE)

  • The Long Winters .'. Blanket Hog -(from the album: When I Pretend to Fall)- (OFFLINE)

  • Pretend this song is about your hometown. Do too many love to hate it?
  • The Weakerthans .'. One Great City -(from the album: Reconstruction Site)-(OFFLINE)

  • Right click on song titles to Save As...


    The G7 Welcoming Committee (the record label that put out the first two Weakerthans albums) has a great ideas page. New left-ish articles and essays posted every week. Check out their catalogue too.

    Another FL.

    Ellen Kooi - Photos: Colourful yet dark.



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