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Today's sketch is flash and audio based. The flash side of things involved creating a percentage-bar-preloader and a button that would trigger the audio. The button was really easy. The preloader took me about 4 hours. (Geek note: Flash MX was loading the audio in front of the first frame, rendering the preloader useless. Once again, thank goodness for Google Groups.)

The audio portion of the sketch is me trying to learn how to sing. I thought it might be fun to sing rather than rap on an upcoming track. I'm hoping that it will also help me develope an intuitive sense of pitch, (thus accelerating my study of music theory). For this sketch I've looped a piano sample and recorded myself singing a single phrase with myself. (i.e. I recorded myself singing the phrase in various different ways over top of previous takes. Some of the singing works. Some does not. Some of the layering works. Some does not.) The audio will sound somewhat "dirty" because I ran it through a old-vinyl simulator for fun.

The Sketch: A Part Of Myself.

In order for a relationship to continue to evolve it is often necessary to allow a portion of oneself to get lost within the other person. Although you may appear to have misplaced a portion of yourself, in reality that portion is just exploring another reality. It is also comforting to know that while this portion of yourself is out on an adventure, you have gained the "lost" portion of your better half.

P.S. The piano loop is from the Menomena song Rose. Their webpage is strange. Read this review for their latest album, I Am the Fun Blame Monster: "There's hardly a bolder statement you could make about your band's penchant for innovation than inventing software specifically to aid your own distinctive compositional style."



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