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Links to things and ideas I've been enjoying. I can't be arsed to fill in the vias today.

  • Shortstories at East Of The Web

  • Six Different Ways a blog.

  • In Defense of Dutch Drug Policy

  • Related: My sister is living in Amsterdam and sent me this link: Junkie Bikes

  • Fungus of the Month for July 2003 from Tom Volk's Fungi

  • The Sidewalk Project

  • Most art is boring a blog

  • The happiest day of his life: The day he tore it all down.

  • Naomi Wolf's (author of The Body Myth) take on a porn saturated wired world. The Porn Myth.

  • The About face gallery of offenders: Disturbing Magazine Adverts

  • Mom finds out about blog

  • Massive Change is needed in the design world.

  • Colours of San Dieago - Photography of Emese Gaal

  • Design Observer

  • Steep Uphill Climb to 2012: Messages from the Mayan Milieu

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