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I just finished reading A Trip To Mars, a short story by the infamous sci-fi author Kilgore Trout. The story takes place in the near future. The main character is a man who believes that he is the Son of God. There are many people who do not believe his claim, but there are some that do. After years of persecution he buys a rocket ship and moves all his followers (Neo-Christians) to the planet Mars.

This voyage distances the Neo-Christians from what they believe is a poisoned society. The main character, Jesus, was very worried about the eroding of strictly defined gender roles. Once settled on Mars, the men were encouraged to suppress their sadness and love. The women were taught to suppress anger and any aggressive tendencies they might have.

This suppression lead to the vicarious expression of emotions through the opposite sex; emotions by proxy. The men would find secret pleasure in the misery of the women who loved them. The women would find secret pleasure in the rage of the men they loved.

The society began to suffer for these reasons. Each night Jesus would pray to his father for help and guidance. His prayers went unanswered for many years. Then, one evening during an evening stroll, his father spoke to him. Taken back by the pure and honest beauty of his fathers words, he began to cry.

A group of male Neo-Christians came across Jesus in this state. Angered by his obvious lack of emotional restraint, they decided at once to kill him.

The following day the male Neo-Christian organized the funeral. The women wept.

The men and women were both secretly happy.

So it goes.

A portion of a neo-Christian hymn:

Every night I die again; in the morning I am reborn. Every night she cries, my friend; her salty tears keep me warm.



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