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Mike's photographs over at Sublimate have inspired me to start posting more images. (Oh the Internet... First name basis with someone I don't know... haha!) I will be posting new images here on the front page, instead of hidden away on in the images section. This site needs a re-design.

Reverse shoplifting of music: the droplift project. I had this idea about 6 months ago and naively assume it was quite original. This world wide network of knowledge is a double edge sword. On one edge lies inspiration. On the other lies apathy, the result of believing everything has already been done.

Journal 526 has returned home to the 1000 journals project. (Have I mentioned this before???) 1 down 999 to go.

Sam Brown of Explodingdog has Stupid Dreams.

Slow Wave - a collective dream diary authored by different people from around the world, and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 14th of October) Kid Koala Presents: Short Attention Span Theater with very special guests at the Pyramid.


I experienced sleep paralysis two nights ago. What a bizarre experience. My mind/body link was severed. Frozen in my bed with what sounded like screaming banshees dancing on my ear drums. My research on the subject explained that SP is often coupled with auditory and visual hallucinations. The visual component of my experience was the materialization of a mirror in which I could see my reflection and that of a shadowy figure behind me to my right. Time to balance my sleep schedule, (says I while updating my blog at 1am.)



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