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Soupandspoons posted this stencil to streetart the other day. In response I've sorted through my digicam photos of the past year and posted the first four to streetart. (Four more will be posted tomorrow. Four the next. And four more the next.)

The first four:


I stumbled across these images of pollen a few days back. Long live the microscope.

Speaking of magnification... I figured out how to take macro photos on my digicam while out at the lake last week. Many digital cameras have a special macro mode to allow you to take close up photographs. My camera however, has a minimum focal distance of 30cm (aprox. 12"). Here's the trick that shrank the focal distance to almost 10cm: holding a small magnifying glass in front of the lense! Here are two example photos: Afghan - Fingers

I'm currently sick. At home instead of work. My throat is very sore and my head and body ache. Chefquix's post on Wonder inspired the following:

A sense of wonder.
A distracted mind torn asunder.
Distracted to the point of forlorn blunder.

Why trouble ourselves with the unknown
when we can cover up these questions with a form of wonder cologne?

It provides a simple replacement masking our true intentions
It provides a laziness excuse with dollar-store bought interventions

Sure it would be nice to question and learn each and everyday
but our time is limited (right down to the time allotted for play)

We have so many things to do in this life
this can lead to something known as after-school-strife

you get home from a hard day of school or work
you want to scream. you want to shout
in fact you want to smirk

at the very idea of putting any more time into:

asking questions
and traveling the mind

we are looking for distraction and a way that we can play
without doing anything ourselves at the end of every day

we have found all these ways to cover up our mind
with comfort food ideas that other people have designed

The paper teaches politics

The TV gives us Friends (TM)

Yet it all comes down to one simple fact in the very end:

A sense of wonder would distract us from our distractions.



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