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RSS. Really Simple Syndication is an XML template used, amongst other things, to syndicate the content of news or news-like web-sites. Blogs fall under the category of news-like sites and some of your favourite blogs most likely already support RSS feeds. Have you ever seen an orange XML icon displayed on a blog or news site? That is a link to their RSS feed.

A RSS feed allows the content of a webpage to be easily syndicated to another page or to be read via a RSS news aggregator. More and more information is being added daily to the net and we need a better way to sort through it all. News aggregation lets you monitor all your favorite RSS enabled web-pages for updates. Not really a big deal if you skim through 2 or 3 pages daily, but what if one day you need to skim 10,000 blogs on a daily basis?

There are lots of free RSS news aggregators out there. I'm currently testing out a web-based tool called Amphetadesk and a windows based tool called Awasu. (If you're a Mac user check out NetNewsWire Lite.) I'll soon be adding a RSS feed to this site using this method via blogger. Much thanks to Chris over at Anti-Mega for explaining the importance of RSS for blogs.

In other news The Gender Genie can predict your gender based off a paragraph of your prose.

Notes from somewhere bizarre led me to this absolutely fascinating picture book. I urge you to take a peak... this could be my life captured in words and images. haha.



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