Stung Eye
Stung Eye

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On a ferry

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People sit in rows facing forward and back.

The vessel rocks gently side to side in the sea.

A man with tanned skin makes his hand into a fictional gun and points it to the sky which is hidden by the metal of the boat.

A boy and girl sit very straight, erect, in their seats. His cap is on backwards. His arm rests across the back of the seat beside him, pointing towards her.

A couple in their late 50s cuddle across their armrests. Their bodies mirror each other: fingers interlocked. legs crossed. knees pointing inwards. She tucks her head in towards his neck and closes her eyes. He pulls her close and gently kisses her forehead.

On a ferry.

The moment we are in the exact middle we change

From departing to arriving, we are what is new

Neither here nor there, a short trip between then and now

We all want to be on the other side of the water and to get there without getting wet

The swaying sea makes walking an adventure, drunkenness that makes your thoughts slosh, held in only by the music of your headphones

On deck the two of you can be in the background of tourists' photographs, smiling or frowning a long-lasting message onto kodak paper for strangers

Kissing her is by far the best option for your mouth in this situation.



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