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Samples... the staple of hip-hop music. The Breaks is a huge archive of the samples used to construct countless hip hop classics. Search by sampler or samplee. Movies get sampled quiet a bit. Sounds tracks too. Sampling from the perspective of the record collector.

There are organizations like MACOS that encourage sample use but for the most part the legality of samples is often quite a grey area. The Beastie Boys were sued in 2000 for using a 6 second flute sample of James Newton for their track 'Pass the mic'. Turns out they cleared the sample with his record label but failed to ask Mr. Newton for permission. The Beasties won and counter sued Mr. Newton in 2002 for nearly $500,000 in court fees.

Calculate the speed of light using marshmallows and a microwave.

What's the deal with the US pledge of allegiance?

Story Beads: a wearable for distributed and mobile storytelling.

Another fun looking flash game.

News and commentary from the far left. Right on.

Save our short story.



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