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Nails are short, interactive web animations. Little stories about everyday life. Stunning work. Some older projects by the same creative mad man: Modern Living / Neurotica. The interactive music video Flow.

Who remembers Barbapapa? An amorphous pink creature who spawned a family of colourful shape-shifting blobs with the help of his partner Barbamama. The brainchild of Annette Tison, a french architect, and Talus Taylor, an American biology/mathematics teacher, the Barba-family was something of a 70s phenomenon. I can distinctly remember wishing I could become a shape-shifting blob myself or at least find one growing my garden.

The Online Guide to Whistling Records (via Basic Hip) I actually picked up this one at Value Village a while back. Really!

Things Magazine blew my mind with these pencil drawings by Andrew Holmes. Pencil and paper people!

With a pill called modafinil, you can go 40 hours without sleep -- and see into the future.

Love graffiti? (via iconomy)

Another photo gallery of the northern lights.

The Sorrows of Young Werther was published anonymously in 1774 by 24 year old Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; it caused a lot of people in Germany and elsewhere to commit suicide. Philipp Lenssen provides an updated version of the tale presented in near daily blog updates. An addictive read.

What if Christopher Walken was a stick figure? Fatboy Slim's video for weapon of choice might have turned out a little different.
I learnt how to colourize b&w images in photoshop last night. I used a sketch drawn by my friend Tofu Sandwich for practice fodder. The results, (Mushy Mouth), can be seen in the images section.

Oh! I almost forgot: Stungeye turned 1 this month. Happy birthday to bee. Happy birthday to bee...



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