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Plep lead to me the following wonderful web comics:

  • The gothic world of The Complete Alice

  • The suicidal tendencies of Plugin Boy (The evolution of artistic style and complexity is interesting to watch)

  • The sepia toned Soul-d (I love the look and style of this one!)

  • The mystery of File 49

  • The black and white grittiness of Elsie Hooper

  • The first page of Paris Burning pulled me into his world.

The complete illustrated Sherlock Holmes. (Via Sugar'n Spice)

Questions and answers - The influencing machine

Check out the paper cut-out animated models over at Flying Pig. (Other paper craft sites via Amberglow: Papercraft Animals - Papercraft Buildings)

The Joy Of Shards features some amazing mosaics from around London. The Hitchcock mosaics are most impressive. (Via Dublog)

Also via Dublog, these links go out to my pal ChefQuix and his quest to find intelligent life in the most unlikely of places: Aurora (AKA The Northern Lights). The sights. The sounds.

The Sun-Earth connections pictures of the day can be quite breathtaking.

120 Years of Electronic Music - Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990 (Via Speckled paint)

I have new plans for this webpage. The new photos "Blue Buttons" and "Cap" on the images page are a sign of things to come. I'll soon be redesigning this place into a bit of a photo log / word sketch log / rhyme log / music log / etc. I want to focus on using this blog to motivate me to create rather than simply absorbing the works of others. With that said... some more links:

My home town favourites, The Weakerthans, have released their latest slice of indie rock 'n mo. Reconstruction Site is their first release as part of the Epitaph family and it's been getting some very positive reviews.

33RPM poster art.

Old Buck 65's webhaunts have been given a face lift. This comes just in time for the release of his second major label album, Talkin' Honky Blues. Check out the video for Wicked and Weird in the video show and tell section. While your at it check out the video for his beautifully haunting Phil (WMV). I first heard this track live many moons ago and it blew me away emotionally.



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