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Fitting, is it? The very idea the once drove me to near insanity is now the catalyst for positive change. Don't think for a moment that the irony is lost on me; I don't often lose the obvious.


Graffiti Robots! This one can write on sidewalks. This one can write on roads. Hektor can do the wall work. Impressive. No robots here but they are looking for street art submissions. I wish I had discovered this project a little sooner.

Who knew? Volcanoes can blow smoke rings!

The daily photo project. Watch Jonathan Keller age and change until the end.

A Softer World intrigues me.

Photos by Martin: a travel p-blog.

Does language stunt creativity?

Zero 7's Machinima video for In the Waiting Line. Their video for Destiny is quite beautiful too: [Realvideo - Windows Media]

The art of silk-screening: a video.

An interesting look at the roots of electronic music.

Skinny Puppy sample sources. 'Nuff said.

I just finished reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I highly recommend it. Read it online here.



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