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Art-o-mat: The Art Vending Machine. I want to submit!

Matador Records has lots of great mp3s online.

Beautiful Polaroid SX-70 manipulation galleries: one, two, three.

We mentioned taking over billboards in the comments a while back. The billboard liberation front has been doing it for over 25 years now.

I love other people sketchbooks.

Movies for every mood.

I've always enjoyed judging a book by it's cover.

Old school Monopoly Cards before the old Rich Uncle showed up.

300 love letters.

The art of Nick Bantock, of Griffin and Sabine fame.

Prints, engravings and woodcuts.

Anna Oguienko has put together a very nice portfolio.

Read The Phantom of the Opera online.

Buddhism and Its Spread Along the Silk Road.

The following blogs provided me with many of today's links: Conscientious, Cup of Chicha, plep, Fluxblog, iconomy, Sugar 'n Spice.



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