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mcenroe will be performing at the Collective Cabaret (you know... the old Die Machine) this Wednesday (the 4th) along with Yy and the Gumshoe Strut. Unless you've had your canadian indie hip hop blueblockers on, you already know that mcenroe dropped his first solo LP, Disenfranchised, a few months ago. Although I�ve always been more a fan of his beats than his rhymes he doesn�t disappoint on either count. I�m digging his singing on this album. Check out his interview with the Georgia Straight and come down to the show this Wednesday.

Continuing with the music tip, I just finished listening to the new Pinback EP, Offcell. Some people wonder why I refuse to listen to top 40 radio stating that some good music trickles through the system. But why would I waste any time searching for top 40 gems when I have groups like Pinback coming out with CDs like Offcell. Honest, melodic indie-pop. Damn. I hate using the word indie. How many major label acts are being labelled as indie merely because they toss their songs through an overdrive plug-in in the final stages of their ProTools mixdown? But I digress. Offcell is great. Pinback is worth checking out. I recommend their track �Loro� (available on epitonic I believe) as a perfect intro to the band. Loro is one of those loop-able tracks. The kind you can listen to on repeat, over and over and over, while just staring into space and smiling. (I once listened to Orbital�s �Halcyon and on and on� for 5 hours straight while coding a programming assignment while at Uni.)

I�m going to add Amberglow to the links section. It rocks. Period. Here�s an example of some of the links that can be found there:

John Copeland keeps art journals.

The Photo Booth Chronicles.



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